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Flowers & Plants

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Hanging Boxwood with Rustic Pot


Ex Tax: £12.00

A small rustic pot of hanging boxwood. Ideal for hanging from the ceiling or trailing from a shelf. Adding a touch of greenery to your room.W150 x D120 x H580mm..


Ornamental Hanging Airplant Vine


Ex Tax: £25.00

Ornamental Hanging Airplant Vine Width 17cm x height 74cm x 17cm..


Ornamental Potted Fern Plant


Ex Tax: £17.00

The ornamental potted faux fern plant is a great addition to any room with the added bonus that it doesn’t need watering! Height 33cm ..


Ornamental succulent in a terracotta pot


Ex Tax: £21.00

Life like artificial succulent plant in a terracotta pot H x 24cm ..


Stone Potted Boston Fern



Ex Tax: £44.00

This is the Stone Potted Boston Fern. This faux plant comes ready potted in a distressed stone pot chosen to perfectly complement its fresh green colour. A welcome splash of colour for interiors, wher..

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)